Programming as quantum reality

What is quantum reality? The definition I’ll work with here is a simple definition of mine: Reality where everything, every possibility happens/is able to happen simultaneously in one moment.

In one discussion with Bernard he mentioned the point of programming actually having to do a lot with quantum reality. So here I’ll explore the point and how I understand programming and quantum reality and how it relates to the world we live in.

Within programming you basically look at every possibility within the parameters of what the program should do and then equate or accommodate for every possibility within the program. That’s how a quality program should be constructed. Within that the programmer compresses time into one – one place, one unit and as the program functions it allows for the users to experience all the possibilities the program accommodates for simultaneously. Imagine Facebook – that is a program – and the users all accessing it and doing different things at the same time within the parameters of what Facebook is made for. That would be a model of quantum reality and how it functions and what it actually means.

Within that we can actually see that quantum reality is nothing magical, nothing out there that has to be researched or complicated theories made to understand it. We participate within various quantum realities all the time as we interact with automated systems that were designed to expect and accommodate for various different circumstances that can and will happen during the systems lifetime.

What is the participants experience within experiencing quantum reality or participating within a quantum reality machine/system? It’s determined by the starting point of the machine/system and what has been taken into consideration while designing and programming/building the machine/system. If the programmers did their jobs properly the users of the application get their job done with ease, without hiccups, enjoying their cup of coffee as they interact with their computer. So if all the outflows within the quantum reality are created within the consideration of what’s best for all – the result, the experience of the participants within such a reality would be that of best possible outflow – we can say it would be enjoyable even heavenly.

Now imagine that the programmers of Facebook would be lousy and without any consideration for their users, doing their job only and solely for money and personal profit. You would try to send a message to your friend and instead of your friend it would arrive into someone else’s inbox. You wouldn’t be too happy and you would probably avoid using Facebook the next time. Such an experience within a quantum reality, where the designers were not directing themselves within the principle of what’s best for all would be painful, it would be hell.

Now let’s look at our money system in this way. The money system being a quantum reality where the experience of participants is determined within and as what has been designed, what possibilities were equated for into the system.

In a capitalistic system we have things like bankruptcy, foreclosure, interest, debt, cheap labor, planned obsolescence. If such things were designed into the system, equated for than it’s inevitable they’ll be the constant experience of participants within every moment of the systems existence. And it is indeed so. Countless people now are facing life threatening situation and sheer horror as fear of survival just because some paper in some bank says so. Just because there is apparently not enough money allocated in the system for these people. So the quantum reality we have created for ourselves is and will be inevitably one of suffering, hardship, loss. We have created a hell of an existence for ourselves.

What is the solution to this mess? We need a system that equates in every possible situation for the participants to be supported by the system at all times. That is what’s best for all and that is what will change our experience in every moment equal and one to the design of the system. Such a system is the Equal Money System.

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